Horticultural Control Systems

A modern glasshouse cannot compete in today’s tough markets, without being very efficient in terms of maximising yield and minimising energy consumption. This can only be realistically achieved by using a modern computer control system. Bridge can offer a wide range of system options, to match all your climate, energy and irrigation control requirements. We will help you to design a computer installation, to ensure that all your installed nursery equipment is compatible and effectively integrated.

There are two main types of system that Bridge can offer; the Horticultural Managements System (HMS) from various manufacturers and the Bridge Sirius-GC controller

Horticultural Management System (HMS)

This is ultimate in climate, energy and water management system. These systems use a clear PC based display, showing a map of the nursery, with the ability to view & edit graphs & set points etc. They have huge flexibility due to the modular nature of the hardware & software, plus the ability to proactively control all operations. more….

Galileo Control System

Galileo is a computerized agricultural control system, among the most advanced in its field.

It can be used for climate control and irrigation in green houses and irrigation control of large open fields, farms, orchards, turf, public gardens and more.

The Galileo can be supplied in different cases depending upon the number of Input/Output slots required.

This controller can be supplied with powerful software to meet your exact requirements, whether you need glasshouse irrigation, open field irrigation, or full glasshouse climate control. When connected to a PC this software has a user friendly graphical display more….

Bridge Sirius-GC

For nurseries that do not require the sophistication, and inherent expense of a full HMS, Bridge can offer an affordable alternative which has the ability to control all aspects of the glasshouse environment – the Bridge Sirius-GC Climate computer. more….

Irrigation Controllers

Bridge Irrigation systems are carefully designed to give optimum irrigation performance. In order to achieve this, some level of automatic control is required for the irrigation system. This control can either come from a main horticultural management system, or from a standalone irrigation controller. Bridge can offer a range of Galcon products to suit the control requirements of any nursery or farm establishment. These Galcon products range from the simple AC24 Irrigation Controller for small nurseries, to the Galileo controller which has the ability to control climate as well as irrigation in glasshouses and farms etc. With the use of Remote Terminal Units (RTU) it is simple to control vast open field irrigation networks from one central controller. Find out more…

GSM Autodialer AD-01

This is GSM wired Autodialer has been specially designed to provide a remote alarm solution in areas that do not have cable or landline telecommunication service.

It can be used to detect power failure, control system alarms, or any associated process control panels etc. It is ideally suited for remote locations such as Nursery’s, Farms, Pump houses etc. more….

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