Fertigation Machines

Galcon’s unique Fertigation Machines are devices for mixing fertilizer in the irrigation water. The fertilizer is injected in to the pressurized water system via venturi pumps. Up to 8 channels of fertilizer injection can be employed together.

Green House cultivation applies hydroponics irrigation whereby plants grow in a substrate (soil-less). In these conditions the plants must receive all of the nutrients at a specific EC (electric conductivity) and pH (acidity) level. Therefore fertigation will be carried out according to ECpH of the irrigation water. Another advantage of irrigation according to ECpH control is the ability to maintain the desired concentration of the fertilizer in the water regardless of preparation error, material chemistry construction etc.

There are three types of machines:
  • FertiMix: a machine with a mixing tank, a GalconAg Controller, and an ECpH control
  • FertiGal: an inline mixing machine with direct injection (without a mixing tank), a GalconAg Controller, and an ECpH control
  • FertiJet: a by-pass mixing machine with direct injection, a GalconAg Controller, and an ECpH control


The FertiGal is a direct injection in-line fertigation machine.

The Models:
  1. Mini FertiGal: A compact 2″ machine with up to 4 fertiliser pump. It can deliver up to 25 cubic meters per hour
  2. FertiGal 1″ – up to 10 cubic meters per hour
  3. FertiGal 2″ – up to 25 cubic meters per hour
  4. FertiGal 3″ – up to 50 cubic meters per hour
  5. FertiGal 4″ – up to 100 cubic meters per hour
  6. FertiGal 6″ – up to 200 cubic meters per hour

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The FertiJet is a direct injection by-pass fertigation machine. The main tubing with its Main Valve, Water Meter, Filter etc. are not included in the FertiJet.

The Models:
  1. FertiJet Standard: Up to four 360 UH Fertilizer pumps and one 160 UH (for acid) can be installed
  2. FertiJet High Flow: Up to four, 1250 UH Fertilizer pumps and one (acid) 350 UH Fertilizer Pump. Capable of injecting fertilizer into a flow of up to 250 cubic meters per hour at a rate of 5 litres per cubic meter
  3. FertiJet Double High Flow: 2 FertiJet High Flow machines connected and controlled together. Using double fertilizer pumps of 1200 UH it can have up to four channels of 2500 UH + one 1200 UH for acid. It is capable of fertilizing a flow rate of up to 500 cubic meters per hour at a rate of 5 UH

Main Line Pressure: Up to 4 bars. (Higher pressure models are available via special order)

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The FertiMix is a Machine that includes a Mixing Tank.

The Models:
  • Inlet Pressure: Higher than 2.5 bars. Outlet Pressure – up to 4.5 Bars
  • All the models can be equipped with up to 8 Fertilizer – pumps (350 UH)
    1. FertiMix 1″ – up to 9 Cubic meters per hour – 100 litre tank
    2. FertiMix 2″ – up to 25 cubic meters per hour – 250 litre tank
    3. FertiMix 3″ – up to 35 cubic meters per hour – 500 litre tank
    4. FertiMix 3″ High Flow – up to 60 cubic meters per hour 1000 litre tank

Additional Components:
  • Water Meter with an electric pulse connected to the controller Hydraulic Inlet and Outlet valves
  • A Float to balance the water inlet into the tank with the outlet onto the field
  • A triple purpose Electric Pump supplying: Fertilizer suction, pressure for the irrigation and mixing power
  • Water Temperature Sensor: to prevent the water boiling in the case of low flow rate. (Installed in the large models)

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The ECpH System

A system that includes a sampling cell with two electrodes EC and pH, that are connected to an electronic monitor. Equipped with a display and a keyboard enabling the constant and clear presentation of the readings during operation Also serves for calibration of the electrode readings.

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