Galileo Control System

Galileo is a computerized agricultural control system, among the most advanced in its field.

It can be used for climate control and irrigation in green houses and irrigation control of large open fields, farms, orchards, turf, public gardens and more.

The Galileo can be supplied in different cases depending upon the number of Input/Output slots required. Click here to Download PDF for more information.

This controller can be supplied with powerful software to meet your exact requirements, whether you need glasshouse irrigation, open field irrigation, or full glasshouse climate control. When connected to a PC this software has a user friendly graphical display.

Galileo – Connection to a Central PC Computer

Galileo controllers can easily be connected to a central PC computer either by:-
  1. Direct cable connection – range up to 20m
  2. Long distance cable by a special cable modem (L485) – range up to 4km
  3. Radio communication – range up to 20km (extra range can be achieved using repeaters)
  4. Cellular modem (using GPRS).

The advantages of connecting the controllers to a PC are:
  • Remote Control: Instead of working out in the field it is possible to carry out the same tasks from the comforts of your air conditioned office.
  • Central Command: Several Galileos can be connected to one computer, allowing the control of a very large area from a single location.
  • Graphical Presentation: It is possible to see an on-line presentation of the field showing all active elements and the system status in an understandable, familiar way.
  • Data Acquisition: The computer can collect a variety of types of data such as Valve Accumulations, Water Meters, Water Meter Flow Rates, Irrigation Information and more. Many types of reports and graphs can be shown. The reports can be set for ranges varying from a single hour up to a full year. Some of the reports are highly specialized, for example a report of fertilizer elements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium etc.) per valve. The data can be exported to an Excel data sheet for further analysis.
  • Galileo Software

Glasshouse Irrigation:

The system is composed of one irrigation head in which a fertilizer centre performs sophisticated fertilizer injection of up to 8 different fertilizers whilst carrying out the essential control of conductivity and acidity of the irrigation water.

Open Field Irrigation:

This unique application is designed to provide a solution for a wide variety of irrigation needs. It can be used in very small irrigation systems such as a home garden or for the largest systems such as irrigation communities. The system fully supports the use of cable and radio RTU.

Greenhouse Climate Control:

The system includes a large diversified and flexible software package that can be fitted to the use of almost any farmer without any special modifications. This software can monitor internal sensors such as temperature, humidity etc, as well as external sensors via a weather station. It can control up to 4 zones, each containing Vents, Screens, Cooling, Heating, CO2 Enrichment, Irrigation, Air Extraction Fans and Air Circulation Fans.

Galileo Alarm Activation

This addition to the Galileo will be activated in the case of system failure such as over/under flow rate, uncontrolled water, missing water meter pulse and extreme climate conditions. Alarms can be issued via an external device such as siren or a flashing light. They can also be sent as an S.M.S text message to a mobile phone or as an email.

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