Glasshouse Irrigation Systems

Bridge have the experience and expertise to supply and install any glasshouse irrigation system. Below are some examples of the greenhouse irrigation systems we can install. Any of these systems can be controlled with an environmental computer, or one of our dedicated Irrigation Controllers. For large glass houses a Fertigation Machine can be used to mix fertilisers etc. into the irrigation water.

Boom Irrigation

Boom irrigation is commonly used for bedding plants, grown either on the ground, or on container systems. It provides the facility for rapid and even irrigation of the entire nursery. The booms can be controlled by the nursery management computer, or by separate irrigation controllers. This system offers the flexibility of watering only where required, for only as long as required.

Overhead Spraylines

Overhead Spraylines offer a low cost and effective means of irrigating your crop. The spraylines are controlled using solenoid valves so that each line can be watered individually.

Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation is used where the crop is stationary for long periods. Solenoids are used to control the areas to be irrigated.

Suspended Gutter Systems

Suspended Gutter Systems are generally used for salad crops such at tomatoes. The gutters can either be used with NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) or with a substrate. This system offers complete control over the crop, and allows easy access for harvesting.

Misting Systems

Mist irrigation sytems are generally used for propagation. We can provide simple bench misting using hoops over the bench, or misting of an entire glasshouse zone. Control of the misting can be from the nursery climate control computer, or using a dedicated misting controller.

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