Horticultural Management System (HMS)

Climate control is the most important factor in order to grow premium quality horticultural produce. Couple this with the importance of efficient and responsible energy consumption, then an HMS must be considered as the ultimate solution to meet all the demands of a modern horticultural operation.


Flexibility and simplicity are of the upmost importance when choosing and designing a control system. An HMS has a modular structure in both hardware and software. This means that you can chose from a huge range of modules to tailor make the system to suit your needs. This also means that future expansion of the system is no problem at all!

User-Friendly Display & Operation

A user clear friendly display will show each control zone on the nursery. With the ability to view graphs of all data collected by the computer, including the current and forecast weather, the conscientious grower will quickly and easily be able to see what is happening inside and outside the glasshouse.

Proactive Control

Using weather stations, weather forecasts, and historic data the HMS is able to learn from the past and look to the future to ensure the most smooth, efficient and effective control operations are carried out. The HMS will use this to not only proactively control the climate, but also lighting, water and energy management systems.

Energy Management

The energy management program allows you to control, monitor, manage and record the energy supply to your nursery. This information will provide the optimum coordination between the heat/CO2 demand in the glasshouse and the supply from the boiler-house.

Water Management

The HMS has the ability to control all aspects of irrigation allowing you to efficiently match the water supply to the needs of the plants.

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