Screen Cloths

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of different types of screen materials available to the grower. By choosing from a large range of thermal and shade screens it is now possible to provide in excess of 60% energy saving, and to create a near perfect growing environment within the commercial greenhouse.

With an extensive knowledge of the screen cloths available Bridge Greenhouses can advise on the most suitable cloth to meet your requirements. Our Projects page shows which cloths have been used for different crops, to give an idea of what other growers in your field are using.

Cloth Categories:-

  • Energy Saving closed cloth, with all aluminium or all transparent strips.
  • Solar Reflection (shade screen) open cloth, with solar reflecting aluminium strips, and some strips left open to allow air movement through the screen.
  • Energy Saving & Solar Reflection closed cloth, with solar reflecting aluminium strips, plus transparent strips for energy saving.
  • Blackout closed cloth, for controlling day length, with the benefit of energy saving and a solar reflecting top layer.
  • Energy Saving, Solar Reflection, Decoration & Flame Retardant flame retardant closed cloth, with solar reflecting coloured aluminium strips, plus transparent strips for energy saving.

We use cloths from three different manufacturers. Click on the links below to find more information on the cloth types mentioned above...

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