Second Hand Glasshouses & Greenhouses

Modern glasshouse structures become available as nurseries re-locate to new areas of Holland. They are dismantled and the materials are carefully stored ready for making up the next orders.

The materials are then delivered to the nursery site, and built by the Bridge building teams with the same care and attention that goes into our new structures.

In the past, buying a second-hand structure has been a journey into the unknown. Bridge have aimed at removing this uncertainty, so that growers can buy a used structure with confidence.

Second Hand Examples

Palmstead Nursery New Prop House - view gallery

Area: 10,080 m2 (~ 2.5 Acres)
Use: Propagation Facility with Offices Within Glasshouse
Year Completed: 2010
Glasshouse Structure: Second Hand Venlo Greenhouse, Aluminium gutter, 4.0m on a 8.0m lattice, 4m sections, 4.0m Post Height, Insulated panelling for office and work area
Heating: Hot water, Under Floor and Perimeter
Humidity Screens: Horizontal Roof Screen, Pullwire Mech, PHORMITEX SUPER B1 Cloth
Thermal Screens: Horizontal Roof Screen, Pullwire Mech, PH 55 FLAME PROTECT Cloth
Twin Roll Screens: Vertical Twin Roll Screen, PHL 20 Cloth
Vertical Screens: Vertical Screen, PHL 55 Cloth

Palmstead Nursery - view gallery

Area: 10,442 m2 (~ 2.6 Acres)
Use: Nursery Stock
Year Completed: 2005
Greenhouse Structure: Second Hand Venlo Greenhouse, Steel Gutters, 3.2m Bays, 9.6m Lattice, 4.0m Sections, 4.0m - 5.0m Post Height
Screens: Horizontal Roof Screen, Rack & Pinion Mech, With XLS 17F Firebreak Cloth

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