Bridge Greenhouses help UK garden centres

Bridge Greenhouses help UK garden centres meet growing demand with bigger and better structures


Commercial greenhouse specialists, Bridge Greenhouses, help garden centres expand to satisfy the increasing numbers of UK homeowners looking to improve their gardens and outside spaces.

“Giving more attention to our gardens is something many of us enjoyed during the pandemic and it has definitely benefitted garden centres. Plant retailers are keen to capitalise on this opportunity by asking us to install larger and more modern structures that enhance their customers’ experience” says David Summerfield, Director of Bridge Greenhouses.

Due to the greater time spent at home during the pandemic, garden centres reported increased business as more members of the public focused on garden improvements and landscaping.

This demand has continued and there were over 2,300 garden centres in the UK in 2023, with numbers set to grow.

“Working alongside garden centre operators and architects, we are able to design beautiful structures. As well as creating the ideal environment for plants to flourish, we are able to use double glazing and various cladding options to create a more visibly appealing and pleasant shopping experience for gardeners too” adds David.

Established in 1985, Bridge Greenhouses has been at the forefront of commercial glasshouses for almost four decades.

The company designs, installs and maintains commercial greenhouses used for edible crops, medicinal plants, flowers, plant nurseries and garden centres.

In addition, Bridge Greenhouses help specify and install control technology such as heating, lighting and irrigation which helps produce the ideal growing conditions for plants and crops.

However, the firm says that garden centres and retail plant nurseries have a particularly unique set of needs which they help satisfy.

“Garden centres are all about bringing people and plants together. They must be both a nurturing environment for plants and a nice atmosphere in which to spend a spring afternoon browsing. With advances in greenhouse technology and efficiency, we’re very proud of the spaces we’ve helped deliver and excited by the potential for new structures within the industry” concludes David.

Bridge Greenhouses hope to work on an increasing number of garden centre developments throughout 2024 and beyond.

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