Commercial Venlo Glasshouse Structures - Bridge Greenhouses

Venlo Glasshouses

A versatile and modular expansion option

Due to their modular expansion capabilities Venlo greenhouses have quickly become the most commonly used structure by growers, research bodies and educational institutions over the world.

Venlo structures are seen as a cost effective and efficient way to expand an existing nursery or establishing new sites.  At Bridge, we go above and beyond by providing both brand new and repurposed options, allowing you to choose the approach that best suits your requirements.

Bridge have the ability to tailor these versatile glasshouses in order to achieve your optimal growing objectives.

Our partnerships with innovative Dutch suppliers allow our clients the advantage of benefiting from the latest horticultural technology, as well as the most premium materials on the market.

Whether you’re envisioning a large-scale commercial greenhouse or a highly specialised research facility, Bridge has the extensive experience and expertise to deliver. We are dedicated to providing solutions that surpass your expectations and meet your unique project brief.

The flexibility of Venlo glasshouses extends to their interior layout as well. Growers have the freedom to divide the space into different sections or compartments to accommodate various crops with distinct temperature, humidity, or lighting requirements.

The versatility of the Venlo doesn’t stop here! We also often clad the Venlo structure with insulated sandwich panels to create work areas, plant rooms, stores and offices. We can incorporate architectural double glazing to really make the projects unique. Have a look through our projects page to see some examples of this.

Interestingly the Venlo glasshouse is named after the city of Venlo in the Netherlands, where this design originated!