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Greenhouse Climate Screen Installation


Double H Nurseries

Bridge have completed yet another greenhouse climate screen installation at Double H Nurseries, New Milton. Double H deliver high standard indoor plants to the UK’s largest and leading supermarkets.

Working alongside Alweco, NL the team refurbished the components and installed a double layer Svensson climate screen cloth totalling 13,700m2. – This refurb project included including removal of the existing cloth, replacement of the existing seals, polyester wire bed, ultra slide wire guides and the complete renewal of all pull wires including at the drive shaft and nylon cable wheels.

Double screening systems are becoming increasingly popular with modern growers. The use of double screens offers a bolstered solution when compared to a single layer of screens. Double screens can provide energy saving or blackout, along with open shading for maximum ventilation. With a single screen there is often a compromise between energy savings and ventilation, usually lost lost through an open shade cloth. 

Bridge partners with Alweco, based in the Netherlands, for all screen installations. Not being tied to any single screen cloth manufacturer, we have the advantage of being able to offer all leading screen cloths from the likes of Svensson, Ridder & Phormium.