Access the Government’s new Improving Productivity Grant for greenhouse LED lighting

Access the Government’s new Improving Productivity Grant for greenhouse LED lighting


On 19th February 2024, the UK government published details of Round 2 of the Improving Farm Productivity Grant.

This is the latest version of a grant scheme which many of our clients accessed in recent years to help fund LED lights and other enhancements to their greenhouses.

The latest round features support for more than 13 types of technology and automation which can be installed by farmers and horticulturalists.

Once again, the installation of ‘Wavelength specific LED lighting for horticultural crops’ is one of activities financially supported by the grant.

The lighting must be designed to stimulate plant growth by emitting specific wavelengths of light that drive photosynthesis and plant growth.

Eligible costs include:

  • LED lights
  • controllers
  • transformers and rectifiers
  • lighting gantries and cabling 

One stipulation is that the installation must be into ‘existing greenhouses and horticultural buildings and new build structures do not qualify. 

Details can be found here:

The grant

The scheme provides grants of between £25,000 (50% of £50,000) and £500,000 per applicant business.

The grant must be a minimum of 15% of the project value – and could fund up to 50% of your eligible costs!

The application process consisted of two stages, with an initial online check of eligibility followed by the full application. The process was relatively straight-forward and help was available.

How can Bridge Greenhouses help?

Since 1985, we’ve been at the forefront of UK glasshouses, establishing commercial greenhouses throughout Britain for edible crops, medicinal plants, plant nurseries and flowers.

As well as erecting greenhouses, we supply and install lighting, screens and other control technology which helps operators maintain ideal growing conditions.

Bridge Greenhouses are not tied to any specific LED light manufacturer, so our team of lighting experts can always offer a selection of the most suitable LED light options for your specific system, choosing from any of the top manufacturers.

The previous Improving Productivity Grant helped us install energy-efficient LED lights for our clients – with up 50% of the costs covered by the fund.

Get in touch now so we can begin designing an LED light system for your greenhouses which not only transforms your growing – but is potentially 50% grant funded!

If you’d like to discuss your options – or simply stay up to date with any news or developments regarding the fund – email us now at

(Eligibility is naturally outside our control and dependent on satisfying the latest grant fund’s criteria).