Bridge Greenhouses predict new high for commercial growing under glass in 2024

Bridge Greenhouses predict new high for commercial growing under glass in 2024


Specialists in constructing and equipping commercial greenhouses, Bridge Greenhouses, believe 2024 will see a growth in demand for commercial greenhouses.

The Hull and Chichester-based firm has already experienced another rise in demand for their industry-leading glass houses, as they plan projects for 2024.

“Many new and existing clients have approached us to expand their growing capacity under glass as they seek to create the ideal growing environment for crops popular with UK consumers” says David Summerfield, Director of Bridge Greenhouses.

The rise in demand for agriculture and horticulture under glass is believed to be a response to extreme weather and supply chain instability which has affected imported crops including salad, fruit and flowers.

The NFU (National Farmers Union) have called for a long-term plan for food and farming, with 82% of respondents to a recent survey agreeing it would be a good idea for the UK government to set targets to increase British food production.

“With extreme storms, cold and heat waves, the climate in Southern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia has become more unpredictable. Coupled with rising global costs and the desire for more food sustainability and security, it’s no wonder commercial greenhouses are increasing in the UK” adds David Summerfield.

Established in 1985, Bridge Greenhouses has been at the forefront of the UK glasshouses for almost four decades, establishing commercial greenhouses throughout Britain for edible crops, medicinal plants, plant nurseries and flowers.

As well as erecting greenhouses, they supply and install screens, lighting and other control technology which help operators maintain the ideal growing conditions.

Bridge Greenhouses also help commercial growers improve sustainability with renewable heating systems such as heat pumps and biomass boilers, as well as heat saving measures from thermal screens

Despite the lack of formal strategy, the UK government has made a number of post-Brexit comments on encouraging more home-grown produce under glass in the UK, including producing crops which are traditionally imported.

“Growing more in commercial greenhouses increases the certainty of supply, creates jobs and provides peace-of-mind for UK consumers. As one of the most trusted names in greenhouses and greenhouse technology, we’re eager to help our clients capitalise on opportunities in 2024” states David

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