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Cobbins Nursery
Cobbins Nursery Cobbins Nursery offices
Project by Bridge Greenhouses

Cobbins Nursery New Nursery

Project by Bridge Greenhouses

Glasshouse, Biomass Boilerhouse and Offices

Area: 4,910 m2 (~1.2 Acres)

Industry: Commercial

Use: Pot Plant Production

Greenhouse Structure: Venlo, Aluminium Gutter, 3.2m bay on 9.6m & 12.8m Lattice, 4.5m sections, Post height 5.0m and 7.0m, Despatch area with Hortiwhite glass, Biomass Boilerhouse/Fuel Store and Office area with composite panelling .

Screens: LS XLS 16 F Firebreak, pull wire system