Westhaven School Education Glasshouse - Bridge Greenhouses
Westhaven School
Project by Bridge Greenhouses

Westhaven School Education Glasshouse

Project by Bridge Greenhouses

This teaching glasshouse used a brick dwarf wall to help create the perfect learning environment for the school.

Area: 155 m2

Industry: Education

Use: Environmental Studies Glasshouse

Glasshouse Structure: Venlo, Aluminium Gutter, 3.2m Bays on 6.4m Lattice, 4.0m Sections, 3.3m Post Height

Heating: Air Heaters, controlled by Sirius computer

Roof Screens: Horizontal Roof Screen, Pullwire Mech, Bonar Phormium PH 55 Flame protect cloth. Vertical screens PHL 55

Benching: Static benching throughout + misting/prop benches

Irrigation: Automatic Leaky pipe on all benches, plus mist propagation unit

Electrics: heating, screens, irrigation, vents, lighting & sockets.
Computer: Bridge Sirius GC computers