Writhlington School - Bridge Greenhouses
Writhlington School Orchids Project
Writhlington School Orchids Project
Project by Bridge Greenhouses

Writhlington School

Project by Bridge Greenhouses

Area: 253 m2

Industry: Education

Use: School Orchids Project

Greenhouse Structure: Venlo, Aluminium gutters, 4m Bays

Heating: Hot water, under bench and high level pipes with fans for air movement

Screens: Horizontal Roof Screen, Pullwire Mech, Bonar Phormium PH 66 Flame protect cloth. Vertical screens.

Irrigation: Underbench mist irrigation system + hand watering points.

Electrics: heating, screens, vents, fans, irrigation, lighting & sockets.
Control: Bridge Sirius GC computers.

Benching: Static weldmesh benching throughout.