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Used Glasshouse Project


Woburn Forest Growers

Bridge Greenhouses have recently completed a used glasshouse project for Woburn Forest Growers. Woburn Forest Growers are a new nursery located in Ampthill, Bedfordshire and is set to open for business in March 2021.

This used glasshouse project measures a total of 2,048.00m². Sat on Zeus insulated panels, the greenhouse is comprised of of 3.2m bays & 4m sections and is topped with a Venlo style roof equipped with alternating ventilation running along the ridgeline.

Used glasshouse projects are increasingly normal for UK growers, with uncertainty surrounding quality control becoming eradicated due to the Dutch ‘NEN’ standard, with even the glass being cleaned to almost new condition.

Our 2nd hand builds are comprised of stock taken from modern glasshouse structures that have become available as nurseries re-locate to new areas of Holland and Europe to expand their operation.

The plethora of components held buy our Dutch suppliers allows Bridge the ability to design a bespoke structure in the same way they would a new system. Used glasshouses can be designed to meet size, post height and gutter type requirements for most growers.

Once designs are approved the materials are delivered to site and Bridge’s construction process is identical to that of a new glasshouse structure allowing for equal amounts of care and attention.